La Colonia

Intensive seminar with Chicho & Juana

the 2020 dates will be known in April

World's best maestros,
friends and you

relaxed, intensive, friendly, freeing, social, affordable
Study and practice
The intensive, 12-hours seminar with Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda is your ideal opportunity to grow and develop. Your colleagues will be dancers with same ambitions and desires. You'll share additional 9 hours of group practice where you can train, ask, share. And of course there are milongas to dance with your new friends.
Sea, peace, simplicity
La Colonia is set in a natural reserve where old pine trees touch the Mediterranian sea and where Slovenia meets Italy. In the '50s Slovenia built Debeli rtič, a sanatory for children run by the Red Cross. Now this is our colony where we'll share knowledge, hugs, tables, rooms and bathrooms. And it's just 20km from Trieste and 1 hour from Ljubljana
Friendly and open
If you can't make it to the seminar, come for the special Saturday night milonga with a show of Chicho & Juana. On Sunday there's an open practica and milonga - 6 hours to meet and dance. Experience togetherness, connectedness through tangueros, the sea, the tranquility of the natural reserve. Make new dance friends.
Being together is what matters.
the deepest learning & the simplest living
We're Janja and Primož, organizers of Ljubljana International Tango Festival.

La Colonia is our zen project - the simplest living and the deepest learning.

We made a perfect selection of three basic things: Chicho & Juana, an ideal location, the most beautiful part of the year, spring. The rest, as basic as possible.
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