La Colonia
SEPTEMBER 4 - 6 2020

Intensive seminar with Chicho & Juana


September 4 - 6
... and the Coronavirus

We have reserved the same place for this new date, Chicho and Juana are looking forward to come.

As tango comes LaColonia is on the less-risky side: the group of participants is closed and stable.
We don't have to change partners during the seminar. The venue is really isolated.

We hope that we will be able to have LaColonia in September. No promises, though.
If we have to cancel we'll return all the money and just go for a drink.

We'll make the final decision in mid-August.

So yes, you can register.
If later you can't come - or if we can't organize - we'll refund you in full.

World's best maestros,
friends and you

relaxed, intensive, friendly, freeing, social, affordable

New in 2020 - hotel accommodation

single and double rooms with bathrooms + hotel restaurant
Study and share
The intensive, 12-hours seminar with Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda is your ideal opportunity to grow and develop. Your colleagues will be dancers with same ambitions and desires. You will have 3 days to train, ask, share, hang out on a sunny terace, have coffee, drink beer, and ther's one wonderful milonga to hug and dance.
Sea, peace, simplicity
La Colonia is set in a natural reserve where old pine trees touch the Mediterranian sea and where Slovenia meets Italy. In the '50s Slovenia built Debeli rtič, a sanatory for children run by the Red Cross. We will sleep in double of single rooms. And it's just 20km from Trieste and 1 hour from Ljubljana
Friendly and open
If you can't make it to the seminar, come for the special Saturday night milonga with a show of Chicho & Juana. Experience togetherness, connectedness through tangueros, the sea, the tranquility of the natural reserve. Make new dance friends.
Being together is what matters.
the deepest learning & the simplest living
We're Janja and Primož, organizers of Ljubljana International Tango Festival.

La Colonia is our zen project - the simplest living and the deepest learning.

We made a perfect selection of three basic things: Chicho & Juana, an ideal location, the most beautiful part of the year, spring. The rest, as basic as possible.
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